We work closely with our clients to produce outdoor spaces and gardens that incorporate the clients wants, personality and style, along with all their practical needs.


Our first step is to meet with you to establish your wants and needs and review your current landscape. This consultation is a chance to throw around a few ideas and discuss the design process. 


At this stage we look to combine your preferences and current landscape with our expertise to create a concept idea. This includes the planting plan which details out the species used, locations and quantities for all planting in your landscape. We encourage your input here to make sure we can create the perfect landscape for you.


This is where the fun begins! Our team implement your landscaping project as outlined in the concept phase.
You just have to sit back, relax and watch your landscape be transformed.


The key to keeping your outdoor area looking great and being able to enjoy it all year round is caring for it. No garden can take care of itself, Once your outdoor space is complete we are here to keep it looking as good as new so you can always enjoy it. Whether you want it all done for you or a hand on our fortnightly - 12 monthly run, our experienced team are here to help.


- Commercial garden maintenance

- Residential garden maintenance

- Weed control

- Pruning

- Hedge trimming

- Lawn Maintenance

- Planting

- Lawn and Garden Fertilising

- Mulching

Garden Care


Riparian Planting & Plant Supply

If you need someone to construct your riparian zone then look no further. Our team can help with your planting vision and after care maintenance needs. 


We specialise in growing and sourcing climate hardy native and exotic plants for and riparian and shelter belt sites, lifestyle block owners or commercial clients. Our team can offer great advice on your project and can create any riparian design to suit you, your property and your budget.


  • Protects riparian systems from livestock. It acts as a deterrent from any cattle that could destroy or pollute its waterways.

  • Filters the water. Riparian plants help clean the water running through your property.

  • Prevents erosion. It minimizes erosion problems, especially if you plant native trees such as cabbages, it helps strengthen the land.

  • Filters pollution. Riparian systems can carry pollutants along the way, plants help filter out most of these pollutants.

  • Moderates water flow. Using a riparian system moderates flow of water in your property, which helps prevent flooding.